We are NOT Pottery Barn but we’re not a thrift store or a flea market either. You won’t find mass-produced pieces here. We’re people with a love for mixing the old with the new. We don’t create new things to make them look old. We use the actual old to make it something new. Most of what you’ll find here has a story. It might never have been used or it might have been near its demise. We find the beauty in the old and bring it forward to today. We take the old and repurpose it for something new. We create statements. When you see something in here that you love, we can’t guarantee it will be here tomorrow and once it’s gone, we can’t promise there will ever be something like it again.

We always seek quality pieces. You’ll likely see high end brands here, pieces of quality from yesteryear. We don’t seek low quality to dress it up --- we are very selective about the pieces that we work with so that we can bring you only the highest quality in our designs.

Through our doors you’ll find custom made industrial inspired furniture, reclaimed and refurbished furniture and décor. Spattered here and there, some new things that caught our eye that we thought paired well with what we had to offer and knew would be of interest to our clients.

Our Little Ranch is for people who want to bring soul, a personality, and a story to their home. You won’t find our prices rock bottom nor negotiable but we’re also not seeking to get antique prices for our pieces either, even when they are, in fact, antiques.

We’re part of the community and we want you to feel free to come in and browse. Maybe you’ll find something today and maybe you won’t but we hope you’ll want to come back to see what tomorrow or next week will bring through our doors.

Are you a DIY’er? Join us for Wednesday night Community Paint in our Studio or come in and browse our line of Dixie Belle Paint and try your hand at creating your own pieces.

See you soon!